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The Power of One

Often times, we are looking for healing and restoration from other people that can only be granted by God through self-discovery. In the human experience we look for the acceptance and understanding of people, however other people can only do so much in this area. Needing to be a part of crowds and groups constantly blocks you from where the true power is. Your true power lies in prayer, supplication, and introspective thought. True peace entails the ability to be alone to collect your thoughts and investigate your emotional state. Self-awareness is a priceless commodity, but it is something that you will never ascertain if you are always surrounded by others.

Looking for another human being to become the source of your healing will leave you more broken and dissapointed than before. Also, it is unfair to rely on someone else to be more than human in your life. Establishing a spiritual life teaches basic principles such as discipline, self-awareness, self-esteem, meditation, and the ability to look at yourself from an introspective point of view for the purpose of self-correction. Studies show that individuals that have a spiritual life/belief have better mental health outcomes. Koenig (2010) spirituality is increasingly being investigated regarding mental health, and spirituality may serve as a psychological and social resource for coping with stress.

The power of one simply refers to the power that is in being alone. Be willing to "leave the crowd" momentarily to search your heart and mind is fruitful and allows you to find restoration. Healing begins with an inward journey, and alone doesn't mean you are all by yourself. Matthew 28:20 teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world (KJV). God is a giver of peace, healing, and restoration. Only he can help you achieve true healing and transcendence, but there will be times that you must be willing to remove yourself from the crowd in order to receive them.


Koenig, H. G. (2010). Spirituality and mental health. International journal of applied psychoanalytic studies, 7(2), 116-122. Retrieved from

Written by Angelia Williams, MS

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